Bridging Generations: Silver Light Seniors Association and The Potomac School Come Together at Hunters Woods Fellowship House

In a heartwarming display of intergenerational connection and cultural exchange, the Hunters Woods Fellowship House recently hosted a special event in collaboration with the Silver Light Seniors Association (SLSA). This event brought together residents of the Fellowship House who are … Continued

The Trowel Garden Club

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The Trowel Garden Club has been an Eastern Prince William County institution for 70 years and is the oldest gardening club in the area. The club seeks to support, educate, and beautify its community through environmentally sound gardening. From its … Continued

Power of Music

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Music is an integral part of the human experience. For some, it represents a cultural identification, for others an artistic and emotional expression or release, but for just about everyone, it brings pleasure. This is evident from studies that show … Continued