Meet Our Residents

Residents at our Fellowship Houses are active, independent, and remain engaged with life in their communities. Some residents are area natives, with most of them coming from the East Coast and states east of the Mississippi River. However, many residents relocated from across the country, or from other nations, to be near family members.

Residents often worked in occupations with little or no retirement benefits such as teaching, cosmetology, unskilled labor, and farming. Some are even refugees from forced labor camps. All have limited means and many live on Social Security or Supplemental Security Income alone. Without Fellowship Houses, many of our residents would live in less-than-ideal conditions or be homeless.

Samantha Lee

Hunters Woods Fellowship House Resident
Samantha says that living at Hunters Woods is amazing – like a dream come true – with her apartment facing east on the 9th floor.

Gladys Spencer

Largo Landing Resident
Largo Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday and Proclamation from the Maryland General Assembly.

Judy La Porte

Lake Ridge Resident
A woman’s perspective on the importance of International Women’s Day!

Seniors Celebrate “Prom”

Hunters Woods Fellowship House
It’s been a while since most of these partygoers have been to a prom. For others, it was the first chance they’d had to attend a “prom” dance.

Gabrielle Bryant

Largo Landing Resident
Growing Up in the Midst of the Civil Rights Era…

Alfredo Diaz

Lake Anne Resident
Mr. Alfredo Diaz served 21 years in the United States Army.

Dasha Soldatenkov

Hunters Woods Resident
Staying active during COVID…