Fellowship Square improves the lives of older adults who struggle to make ends meet by providing them with affordable housing and supportive services.


Fellowship Square envisions communities where all people have access to safe, quality living accommodations and services, regardless of their financial circumstances, so they can live with dignity and independence as long as they are able.


Compassion, Diversity, Innovation, Independence, Sustainability

Bringing Tech to Seniors

“Providing this (Google Nest Hubs) to residents like me has been so helpful. I’m enjoying video chatting with my daughter who lives far away. I can talk and see her at the same time! And, I’m loving the music that I can listen to.”
Shirley W.
Largo Landing Fellowship House Resident

There is Always Something to Do

“I have made some good friends. I look forward to the monthly birthday party and activities meeting. There are always activities if I want to be involved.”
Joanee J.
Lake Ridge Fellowship House Resident

Seniors On the Move

“Lake Ridge has a lot of activities; we go places, and we have fun! I really enjoy living at Lake Ridge Fellowship House.”
Rita S.
Lake Ridge Fellowship House Resident