Fellowship Square Board of Directors

Dan Flavin, President

Michael Scheurer, Vice President

John Gray, Treasurer

Lynn Thomas, Secretary

Mark Fleming

Robert Greenwood

Kathleen Harding

Lois Ireland

Renee Jakobs

Carl A. Jenkins, Esq.

John Kelly

Dr. Shontay Kincaid

Robert Sargeant

Tom VanLierde

In addition to our Fellowship Square board, each Fellowship House has its own board that advises and helps support its residents by connecting them to resources within their local community.

Board of Directors by Location

Lake Anne Fellowship Square

Lake Anne
Board of Directors

Lois Ireland, President

Edward Byrne, Vice President

Bob Thompson, Secretary

Farid Sadrzadeh

Hunter Woods Fellowship Square

Hunters Woods
Board of Directors

Renee Jakobs, President

Jørn Dalboe, Vice President

Tierra Faggins, Secretary

Mark Fleming, Treasurer

Cissy Nickel

Lake Ridge
Board of Directors

Kathleen Harding, President

John Gray, Treasurer

Rev. Mark Edwards, Secretary

Largo Landing Fellowship Square

Largo Landing
Board of Directors

Dr. Shontay Kincaid, President

Allison Watts, Vice President

Liz Tuckermanty, Secretary/Treasurer

Theresa Hill

Nicole Marshall

Lynn Thomas

Interested in serving on the Fellowship Square Board
or on an individual Fellowship House Board?

Contact Christy Zeitz, CEO.