As part of the Fellowship Square mission, we seek to provide pastoral care and counseling to residents to help them cope with the many stressful issues they face from day to day.

The Wegener Chaplaincy was established by a gift from the members of Georgetown Lutheran Church in honor of Rev. William Wegener’s retirement. Rev. Wegener was active in the work of Fellowship Square for many years.

The Wegener Chaplaincy continues to be sustained by donations from individuals and faith communities. The chaplaincy is supported solely by private donations and is provided to residents at no cost.

Donations may be made online or by check payable to Fellowship Square and marked for the Wegener Chaplaincy Program.

When I came to Lake Ridge Fellowship House, I recognized it then as a gift from God. Peace and time had been given to me for my final years – release from all the desperate struggles of our times. Peace and time: these things being so badly needed, spiritually, by all. All of you who have a part in the working of this miracle, you do God’s work indeed. Only I like to think how, someday, such a miracle might be made possible for all.

– Marjorie Richard, Lake Ridge Resident