No One Goes Hungry

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No One Goes Hungry   While this time of year brings an abundance of friends, family and feasts, the 2022 Hunger Trends Study covered in an AARP article suggests that older adults are worried about rising food costs and how they will … Continued

Watch Your Step

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Fall prevention is a priority at all senior living facilities and Fellowship Square is no different. We invest an enormous amount of time and resources to ensure Fellowship House residents have safe passage in and around the grounds of the … Continued

A Portal into Better Health

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When the pandemic descended across the United States in 2020, many of our seniors worried about access to their doctors and routine healthcare. Seemingly overnight, online portals for telehealth visits became mainstream and proved to be a convenience for many. … Continued

Support the Kinless

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Hot summer days make it hard to spend time outdoors. Older adults can be especially susceptible to heat stroke, heat exhaustion and sunburn. This past month we spent time hosting UV awareness and sun safety programs and activities, with the … Continued

Power of Music

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Music is an integral part of the human experience. For some, it represents a cultural identification, for others an artistic and emotional expression or release, but for just about everyone, it brings pleasure. This is evident from studies that show … Continued