You Help Our Seniors Live Better

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Next month we’re hosting “A Petal of Thanks” Appreciation Reception to honor and celebrate the many donors, volunteers, community partners and other supporters that make our mission come to life at each of our Fellowship House properties. There’s no question that Fellowship Square … Continued

Never Stop Learning

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Many of us don’t think twice about accessing information online – whether bill paying, making restaurant reservations, meeting with our doctor, or watching a TV show. We often forget what the world is like when we’re not connected to the … Continued

VA Housing – A Proud Partner

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In the early 1970’s, Virginia Housing financed Fellowship Square’s Lake Anne Fellowship House. It was one of the first properties financed by the organization, which was founded as the Virginia Housing Development Authority in 1972. Today, Virginia Housing continues to … Continued

Partners in Health

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At Fellowship Square, we’ve learned that access to healthcare is the starting point for a long and healthy life. For years, we have worked with many healthcare partners to provide services, resources and referrals to residents so that they are … Continued

Bridging Generations: Silver Light Seniors Association and The Potomac School Come Together at Hunters Woods Fellowship House

In a heartwarming display of intergenerational connection and cultural exchange, the Hunters Woods Fellowship House recently hosted a special event in collaboration with the Silver Light Seniors Association (SLSA). This event brought together residents of the Fellowship House who are … Continued