Warm Hearts, Full Bellies

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It’s easy to forget that many people in the US, especially young children and older adults, go hungry or have a fear of going hungry as part of daily living. For many reasons, older adults have a hard time accessing convenient healthy food on a regular basis and end up lacking adequate nutrition which is crucial throughout the aging process.  

In January, AARP published an alarming report revealing that millions of adults age 50 and older regularly struggle to find food, and in many cases their food insecurity exacerbates chronic health conditions.  

At Fellowship Square, we provide groceries and meals to residents through numerous partnerships and in-kind donations through our Fellowship Fresh food program. We are very fortunate to have many generous organizations, businesses, Churches and others that regularly supply the food that our residents need.  

We also rely on the generosity of donors who make financial contributions to support this program and our mission overall which includes our Resident Emergency Fund – having funds available that allows us to take immediate action when a resident needs help paying an unexpected bill or purchasing food for them to eat.  

While housing has been and will continue to be what we do and what we are known for, filling the gap of the many services our residents need when life gets tough is a top priority. I hope you will consider how you may be able to get involved in our mission and help us support older adults like volunteering to collect, package or deliver meals and food.  

Keep an eye out for our 2023 Annual Report showcasing the important work we did last year – and giving you a few ideas of how you can help. I hope you will be inspired to donate time, money or your talents to our organization.  

With gratitude,

Christy Zeitz CEO