Never Stop Learning

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Many of us don’t think twice about accessing information online – whether bill paying, making restaurant reservations, meeting with our doctor, or watching a TV show. We often forget what the world is like when we’re not connected to the internet.

It’s not surprising that many seniors view the internet as complicated and intimidating. 

Since the COVID pandemic, we have invested heavily in getting our residents online. For example, we offer a free Google Nest Hub to each Fellowship House resident. Many are thrilled to have a new smart device — attending trainings, setting up their Gmail accounts, and using the Hub for music, phone calls and getting the daily weather. With proper education, a smartphone connected to the internet can be a powerful tool that enhances a senior’s life experience by providing connection, entertainment and organization.

These learning opportunities are only possible because of the many volunteers who are willing to teach classes and give step-by-step instructions to residents who may be interfacing with a smart device for the first time.

It’s clear from a recent article that technology literacy is becoming a crucial part of healthy aging. We want to be sure the residents who call Fellowship House home – and those in years to come – can easily access information, keep in touch with friends and family and take advantage of all the conveniences we enjoy from the tap of a screen or a voice command.

If you, your company, school or organization would like to spend some time volunteering in this important role, please reach out! Teaching seniors about one of the most important developments in history can provide many rewards to you and to them for many years to come.

With gratitude,

Christy Zeitz