I am Alone and Lonely

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Breaking news this month was that the Surgeon General announced that loneliness and isolation are now a public health crisis. These statistics were of some concern prior to 2020 (the year of the pandemic), but since then we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of older adults who have expressed feelings of being on their own, no one to turn to and no one to talk to. Fellowship Square continues to leverage our programs and activities to encourage residents to meet one another, socialize and engage in life around them. Unfortunately, having a cheerful word or encouraging someone to participate is not enough to get someone to actually open up about their feelings, their fears and develop a genuine connection with that person.Thankfully, our service coordinators are trained to do more than just be a friendly face in the building. These professionals can understand the types of mental health issues that are most common in the later years of life; recommend mental health resources, specifically designed for older adults to residents and their families; and know the warning signs of mental distress, including suicide and know when to call for a higher level of care.Working as a team, all of our staff know to pay attention to signs that may indicate someone is not in a good mental space. We have staff and healthcare partners willing to step in and help when needed.Thanks to your support, we have the resources we need to provide to residents when they need help.
In gratitude,
Christy Zeitz | CEO