No One Goes Hungry

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No One Goes Hungry   While this time of year brings an abundance of friends, family and feasts, the 2022 Hunger Trends Study covered in an AARP article suggests that older adults are worried about rising food costs and how they will pay for their next meal.  We know the 800+ seniors who live in Fellowship Square communities struggle to make ends meet – and this includes the ability to afford groceries, the physical task of bringing groceries home and the dexterity and coordination that it takes to prepare and cook a nutritious meal. As we age, simple tasks become harder and harder to manage.   We recognize these challenges and do what we can to support our residents while allowing them to maintain their independence and make their own decisions when it comes to meal planning.   We rely on numerous community partners and the USDA Brown Bag monthly food program to deliver fresh produce and shelf-stable foods that provide our residents with consistent pantry staples. We are fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who take time out of their day to sort, arrange and deliver a bag of groceries to the doorstep of each resident’s apartment home.    In addition, we sincerely value the nutrition experts and healthcare specialists who visit our communities to share information on healthy eating, teach simple cooking techniques and how to make a meal for one and educate residents on how to read food labels, among many other programs and activities.   But still, seniors are hungry and go without the food they need too often. What can you do to help? There are many ways for you, your group of friends, or your company to get involved!    I invite you to get involved in our Fellowship Fresh food program and make a measurable difference in the lives of older adults in your community. Your help is needed.
With gratitude,
Christy Zeitz CEO