Wegener Chaplaincy

Wegener Chaplaincy: Our Ministry to Residents

The mission of the Wegener Chaplaincy is to embody the religious community’s ministry of grace and hope to seniors and the disabled, their families and the community.

Specifically, the Chaplain works with the faith community to:

  • Welcome new residents, seeking to understand them in terms of their marriages, families, employment, religion and life’s experiences;
  • Help families of residents deal with issues related to aging;
  • Visit residents in their apartments, social settings, hospitals and extended care facilities;
  • Provide leadership for Bible studies, and discussion and support groups;
  • Nurture relationships between faith communities and residents;
  • Counsel and affirm those in difficulty or distress and those experiencing unresolved grief or personal concerns;
  • Support those who are ill or facing death;
  • Conduct Worship Services and lead memorial services for residents, as requested; and
  • Coordinate services of interfaith groups to meet the spiritual needs of all residents.
Supported by Your Contributions

The Wegener Chaplaincy was established by a gift from the members of Georgetown Lutheran Church in honor of Rev. William Wegener’s retirement. Rev. Wegener was active in the work of Fellowship Square for many years.

The Wegener Chaplaincy continues to be sustained by donations from individuals and faith communities. The chaplaincy is supported solely by private donations and is provided to residents at no cost. Gifts to this ministry are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Gifts may be made online by clicking here or by printing out and completing the Fellowship Square Chaplaincy Fund donation form and sending a check payable to Fellowship Square and marked for the chaplaincy program mailed to:

Fellowship Square

11260 Roger Bacon Dr., Suite 503B

Reston, VA 20190

Our Residents

Fellowship Square residents come from next door and around the world. They have labored in occupations with little or no retirement benefits. While every one of our residents has a different life story unique to them, there’s one thing they all share: the opportunity to live and enjoy an independent lifestyle in the Fellowship Houses. At Fellowship Square, we recognize that our residents still sometimes need support and comfort. That is why the Chaplaincy Program was created and continues to be an important service to our residents.

“One of the residents I visit on a regular basis is a lady who has lived at her Fellowship House for 22 years. She is 92 years old and has outlived most of her family and friends. She tells me how grateful she has been to live at her Fellowship House. She is convinced that without fellowship square and its mission to provide affordable housing for the elderly and the disabled she would be living out the rest of her days on the street.” – Pastor Fred Klein

Fellowship Square’s Vision and Legacy

The story of Fellowship Square began with the Rev. Dr. John A. Scherzer (1901-1994), a Lutheran pastor, and members of the Lutheran Lay Fellowship of Metropolitan Washington who wanted to provide affordable housing and services for older adults in the area.

Incorporated in 1966, Fellowship Square advocates for housing that enhances resident freedom, independence, self-confidence and well-being. As part of the vision, we seek to provide pastoral care and counseling to our residents to help them cope with the many stressful issues they face from day to day.

Meet Rev. Fred Klein

Our chaplain is Rev. Frederick G. Klein. Pastor Fred has been in the pastoral ministry of the Lutheran Church for 45 years. He holds master’s degrees in theology, education and counseling. He is a nationally certified counselor (NCC).

Pastor Klein comes to his position as chaplain at Fellowship Square after years of experience serving the needs of the elderly and disabled both as a professional and a volunteer.


    The Chaplaincy Program Needs Your Support

    Your help is needed to keep this valuable program for our residents. Please consider a generous donation to support this important program. Gifts are tax deductible.
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