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Board Membership

Interested in Board Service?


In addition to our Fellowship Square Corporate Board, each of our Fellowship Houses has its own board that helps to enrich the lives of our residents and provides a tie to the communities where they are located. We welcome individuals who have a passion and interest in ensuring seniors have dignified affordable housing, and robust programs and services to help them age in place.


FS has a long and proud history, with many leaders getting us to where we are today. Now it is your turn to lead!

Primary Functions of a Fellowship House Board:



  • Develop annual goals that align with the FS Strategic Plan; track progress on achieving annual goals, measure the impact on residents, and report outcomes.
  • Review and approve annual House Service Contracts
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the House Service Contract with FS.

Property Oversight & HUD Compliance

  • Review House Needs Assessment conducted by FS staff or Management Agent
  • Review periodic HUD Management Reviews and Physical Property Inspections provided by the Management Agent.


  • Review annual budget prepared by SL Nusbaum, the current FS management agent; make comments and recommend approval to the FS Board.
  • House Board President is authorized to sign annual budget once final approval of budget is given by FS Board of Directors
  • Review quarterly income/expense reports prepared by Management and monitor against budget projections; bring forth any concerns or questions to Management and/or FS staff.
  • Review proposals for House renovations and upgrades of $10,000 or more, and monitor submitted progress reports with approved plans.

Fundraising / Advocacy / Public Relations

  • Plan and conduct local fundraising events and special campaigns for the benefit of Fellowship House programs, special projects and services for residents.
  • Undertake advocacy efforts in the local community to educate the community on the importance of affordable housing, needs of seniors and urge support of Fellowship Square.
  • Assist communication, marketing and public relations efforts by attending community events; writing articles for FS publications or local news outlets; provide facts and information relevant affordable housing and seniors to the FS newsletter; participate on FS social media.
  • Make connections and introductions for FS staff to local decision-makers, politicians or those that can influence and/or support more efforts to expand affordable housing and programs for seniors.
  • Conduct advocacy and public relations activities to help educate stakeholders on the importance of affordable senior housing, trends in policy and development that may affect FS and our mission.

Resident Programs and Services

  • Assist in the creation, distribution and compilation of resident surveys conducted by FS staff.
  • Assist in planning resident events and activities with FS or Management staff.
  • Develop relationships with community partners that provide programs or services beneficial for residents and are aligned with the FS mission.
  • Recruit community partners, volunteers and others to fulfill needs and interests of Fellowship House residents.

Resources to support the House Board

  • Staff will attend House Board meetings to offer support and communicate activities organization-wide.
  • Staff will give guidance and understanding to FS mission, vision, and values so that House Board goals and activities are aligned with the organization’s purpose.
  • Management will provide operational updates to House Board and ensure streamlined logistics for House Board activities and events.
  • Based on annual goals set by the House Board, financial resources may be needed to attain those goals (ie supplies for special events, postage or printing for special fundraising appeals, other printed materials or supplies).
  • FS Staff and Management will work with the House Board to set budgets and identify resources.
  • The FS Board and staff will promote and recognize the House Board for its time and efforts on FS business.
  • Fellowship House Board members will be identified in communications and marketing materials, and recognized for their work at the Annual Meeting.

Board Functions and Oversight

  • The Fellowship House Board will have no less than three members and no more than nine members according to its Bylaws.
  • The responsibility of House Board recruitment lies with FS Board, FS staff, Management and House Board members. Everyone is responsible for helping to identify interested individuals to serve on the House Board.
  • Fellowship House Board officer positions include President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer. The House Board members hold their own nomination and selection process for the officer positions. Officer terms are one year in duration. If an officer leaves mid-year, the House Board can hold elections to fill the open seat.

Officer duties are defined as follows:

  • President: sets meeting Agenda, serves as the spokesperson for the House Board; serves as a member of the FS Board
  • Vice President: fulfills duties of the President when the President is unavailable
  • Secretary: takes Minutes at each Board meeting; loads all reports, Minutes and other official documents distributed at Board meetings onto SharePoint
  • The House Board can form committees to help carry out its annual goals. Committee members do not have to be House Board members.

Officer duties are defined as follows:

Interested individuals will submit a completed Expression of Interest Application to FS Staff. The FS Board of Directors will give final approval for all House Board members. Orientation for new House Board members will be conducted by the existing House Board with support from FS staff.


The House Board President may be asked to make periodic presentations to the FS Board on House activities. It’s the role of FS staff to inform both the FS Board and House Board of each other’s activities and identify where intersections lie to be leveraged for one or the other. House Board meetings are open to FS staff, Management and FSF Board members. FS Staff will attend each House Board meeting (but not necessarily committee meetings, and only if requested). House Board members can hold Executive Sessions to exclude all but official House Board members. The House Board has oversight authority only for their own activities.

Officer duties are defined as follows:

  1. Attend a majority of House Board meetings
  2. Participate on House Board committees or annual work plan
  3. Participate in an annual House Board assessment related to the Board’s effectiveness, goal achievement and member participation
  4. Make an annual financial contribution to FS.
  5. Attend at least four events at Fellowship House annually
  6. Serve as a FS Corporate member
  7. Sign and affirm the annual Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct statements.

Please contact our CEO, Christy Zeitz, at czeitz@fellowshipsquare.org to learn more!