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Housing & Hope


Affordable and supportive living for seniors and the disabled.

Since its beginning in 1960, the Fellowship Square founders wanted to be more than just a landlord providing shelter and collecting rent. They saw a need for a caring staff, a comfortable, secure living environment worthy of being called home. So today, Fellowship Square is concerned with more than providing shelter and collecting rent. It is interested in the whole person— the physical, social, mental, and spiritual welfare of its residents.

Out of an abiding sense of Christian mission, Fellowship Square Foundation devotes itself to providing housing and supportive living environments that enhance the personal freedom, independence, self-confidence, and well-being. Explore life at Hunters Woods Fellowship House and Lake Anne Fellowship House in Reston, Va., Lake Ridge Fellowship House in Woodbridge, Va., and Largo Landing Fellowship House in Upper Marlboro, Md.

Fellowship Houses

Lake Anne

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Located in Reston, Va., Lake Anne was constructed in two sections. Lake Anne I with 140 apartments opened in 1970 and Lake Anne II opened in 1976, adding 100 units, common areas and a social hall.

Hunters Woods

Located in Reston, Va., Hunters Woods opened in 1979 and has 222 one-bedroom apartments, a social hall and other common areas.

Lake Ridge

Located in Woodbridge, Va., Lake Ridge opened in 1983 and has 99 one-bedroom apartments, a social hall and other common areas.

Largo Landing

Located in Upper Marlboro, Md., Largo Landing opened in 1984 with 106 -one bedroom apartments, a social hall, common areas and other amenities.


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