Tax Legislation Enacted: Important Tax Benefits Preserved

On December 20, the House voted to pass H.R. 1. The measure is on its way to the White House for the President’s signature.

The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation projects a $1.4 trillion increase in the federal budget deficit resulting from H.R. 1 over the next decade. Even more generous estimates using so-called “dynamic scoring” still predict a ten-year budget deficit increase of over $1 trillion resulting from the legislation.

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Lake Anne Fellowship House Redevelopment Project Moves Forward

RESTON, VA (December 21, 2017)–The county has formally accepted redevelopment plans for Lake Anne Fellowship House, an affordable housing senior community on North Shore Drive.

Fellowship Square Foundation and the Community Preservation and Development Corporation envision the proposal will enhance senior housing residential opportunities, diversity housing types and revitalize Lake Anne Village Center.

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New Lake Anne Fellowship House Plans Move Forward

240 Affordable Apartments for Low Income Seniors to be Replaced

RESTON, VA (June 22, 2017)–Fellowship Square Foundation (FSF) and Community Preservation and Development Corporation (CPDC) are moving forward with zoning approval and entitlements needed for the redevelopment of Lake Anne Fellowship House, an affordable senior apartment community located at 11448-11450 North Shore Drive in Reston, VA.

The planned new construction project will replace all 240 apartment units in the existing 1970’s-era building with a new facility of 240 units.

“As Reston rents skyrocket, affordable rental opportunities for those seniors and people with disabilities and low incomes are scarce. Fellowship Square is dedicated to ensuring that there will be not just affordable, but state-of-the art housing in our community,” said FSF Board Member Eddie Byrne.

The new facility is planned for the eastern portion of the property. When it is completed and the residents relocated from the old buildings to the new facility, the existing buildings will be removed and the unused portion of the property will be sold for residential development to support the cost of building the new project. MAC Realty Partners, a local real estate brokerage firm, has recently been selected as a broker for this portion of the site.

The filing of the entitlements application is targeted for early Fall 2017 and its approval would be followed by final design, building permits and construction. Project completion is targeted for the third quarter of 2021.

“We are excited about moving this project forward through the necessary County and local approvals,” said CPDC Senior Vice President Christopher LoPiano.

For more information on Fellowship Square, visit

To learn more about CPDC’s affordable housing properties and community development in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, visit

About Fellowship Square:

Since its beginning in 1960, Fellowship Square Foundation has been committed to serving very low income seniors and people with disabilities by providing safe, secure and affordable homes and an array of supportive services. Our communities, through mutual support and by facilitating access to services, foster independence, dignity and healthy vibrant lifestyles. Fellowship Square Foundation, a faith-based non-profit organization, owns and operates four properties with over 660 units, serving 800 seniors in Northern Virginia and Maryland

About CPDC:

For over 25 years, Community Preservation and Development Corporation (CPDC) has served D.C., MD and VA as a leading not-for-profit real estate developer through the acquisition and redevelopment of award-winning affordable housing. CPDC specializes in mixed-income and mixed-use developments, historic preservation, adaptive reuse and are recognized for innovative financing, green building design and public-private partnerships.

With more than 9,000 residents in over 5000 apartment homes, CPDC is committed to the long-term success of our portfolio and our residents. We deliver innovative Community Impact Strategies (CIS) designed to help individuals and entire neighborhoods grow and thrive. CPDC is a community developer and proud member of NeighborWorks America, the nation’s leading trainer of community development and affordable housing professionals.

Press Contacts:

Fellowship Square Foundation

Eddie Byrne, Board Member

(703) 298-2292



Luann Tia Blount

CPDC, Vice President of External Relations




Fellowship Square Foundation Extends Chaplaincy Program to Meet the Emotional and Spiritual Needs of 700+ Low-Income Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

April 27, 2017

Contact: Shelley Ducker 202.255.0561

Fellowship Square Foundation (FSF) announces that it has extended its chaplaincy agreement with Rev. Fred Klein as it strengthens and grows the pastoral care program it offers to meet the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of its 700+ residents across four affordable housing properties in Northern Virginia (Reston and Woodbridge) and Maryland (Upper Marlboro). A faith-based nonprofit, FSF provides affordable housing and an array of support services for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities.

FSF’s “Wegener Chaplaincy” program provides a ministry of care and hope to all FSF residents. The Chaplain actively supports each Fellowship House in the following areas:

  • Welcome new residents, seek to understand their needs
  • Help families understand the aging process
  • Visit and socialize with residents in all settings (apartment, hospital, rehab facility, etc.)
  • Provide leadership for Bible studies, discussion groups and support groups
  • Nurture relationships between faith communities and residents
  • Counsel and affirm those in difficulty, distress, experiencing grief or personal concerns
  • Support those who are ill or facing death
  • Conduct worship services and lead memorial services for residents as requested
  • Coordinate services of interfaith groups to meet the spiritual needs of all residents

“Fellowship Square provides housing for some of the most vulnerable in our community: low-income elderly and people living with disabilities. Ministry and pastoral care are an important part of our offerings,” said Fellowship Square Foundation Executive Director Christy Zeitz. “Fellowship Square in Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland is essentially a congregation of our 700+ residents plus their family members and our staff. Pastor Klein expertly and compassionately handles our community’s varied chaplaincy needs with his 45+ years of experience as a parish pastor.” While FSF has a strong Lutheran history, today it serves the spiritual and religious needs of all of its residents, regardless of faith-orientation.

“Fellowship Square is concerned with much more than providing shelter and collecting rent. It is interested in serving the whole person— the physical, social, mental, and spiritual welfare of its residents. I am pleased to continue my work with FSF residents across all of our properties and with residents of all faiths who need more compassion and caring in their lives,” said Rev. Fred Klein.

Rev. Klein has been providing ministry to Fellowship House since 2012. He is Pastor Emeritus at Living Savior Lutheran Church in Fairfax Station, VA, where he was the founding pastor of the church and served the congregation for 21 years.  He also served at Christ Lutheran Church in Seaford, DE and Ascension Lutheran Church in Charlotte, NC.

FSF’s Wegener Chaplaincy was established by a gift from the members of Georgetown Lutheran Church in honor of their long-time pastor, Rev. William Wegner’s, retirement. The Wegner Chaplaincy at FSF continues to be sustained by donations from individuals and faith communities. While FSF residents receive government-funded subsidies, the Chaplaincy program for residents is supported solely by private donations.

FSF operates four properties designed for independent seniors over age 62 with limited incomes, as well as persons with disabilities. They are: Lake Anne Fellowship House and Hunters Woods Fellowship House (Reston, VA), Lake Ridge Fellowship House (Woodbridge, VA) and Largo Landing Fellowship House (Upper Marlboro, MD). The properties include 667 total units – a range of efficiency, studio and one-bedroom apartments as well as­ ADA (Americans with Disability Act) accessible apartment units – together with social halls and common areas to build an engaged, supportive community of residents. For more information on FSF housing options, volunteer opportunities or donations, visit


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