House Wish Lists

House Wish Lists

Are you interested in donating to Fellowship Square residents directly? Here’s a few ideas and items that are needed at the Fellowship Houses.

Welcome to Fellowship House Box

Each of our Fellowship Houses would like to welcome our new residents with a “Welcome to Fellowship House Box.” A brightly wrapped shoe box size plastic box with everyday items that you need right away when you move is not only practical but helps to let our residents know that they have moved to a caring safe environment.

For a list of items please click here: Welcome Box List

You can also find a suggested list on Amazon at Amazon Wish New Resident Welcome Box

Emergency Preparedness Kit

During a major storm or natural disaster our residents are asked to shelter in place by disaster relief officials. In order to make their apartments safer we are collecting items (and completed kits) to distribute during an emergency.

For a list of items, please visit Emergency Preparedness Kit.

You can also find a suggested list on Amazon at AMAZON wish list emergency preparedness kits.

Winter Clothing
Accepting hats, scarves, sweaters, mittens and thermals.

Gift Cards

In need of gift cards to Target, Giant, Safeway, or Shoppers to help residents purchase groceries for their holiday dinner. Cards should be valued at $20.


Volunteering time and talent is another excellent way to contribute.  For information on the particular needs and current projects of the individual Houses, please fill out and submit the form here.