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Join us as we say goodbye to a community touchpoint – Lake Anne Fellowship House!


Lake Anne Fellowship Square
Lake Anne Fellowship House

Lake Anne Fellowship House was the first affordable senior housing property in Reston, Virginia and an essential component of the overall vision of Robert E. Simon’s plan for Reston as a whole. It has been an integral part of the Reston community since 1970. Simon declared that a full range of housing styles and prices be available, to allow people to stay in Reston their entire lives.

Milton J. Prassas & Associates were the architects of the original Lake Anne Fellowship House, which was constructed in two sections. Lake Anne I with 140 apartments opened in 1970. Lake Anne II opened in 1976, adding 100 units, common areas and a social hall.

It enjoys the unique recognition as “… the first Federal housing project of its kind in an American New Town.” ~ George Mason University collection.

The current building is beyond its design life. Enterprise Community Development and Fellowship Square joined together to develop replacement housing for the Lake Anne Fellowship House. The new building, to be called “Lake Anne House“, is under construction immediately next door to the existing building. It will provide direct replacement for all 240 units, preserving deeply subsidized, high quality housing for low-income seniors in Reston.

Doctor John Scherzer.
Dr. John Scherzer

Dr. John Scherzer, founder of Lake Anne Fellowship House

Dr. Scherzer was the founder and first President of Fellowship Square. He and his wife were also residents at Lake Anne Fellowship House.

Judy Koucky, who worked with Dr. Scherzer, serving as a corporate member, volunteer, and secretary of the Board of Directors, said recently “… he would always focus upon the specific needs of the community he lived in.” She remembers him having a knack for community engagement, who always employed the help of others in solving societal issues.

The following text and photographs provided by Steve McAvoy.

“It was around 1988 that the photos of Dr. Scherzer were taken in the Spring and early Summer, showing plantings in the front and back of Lake Anne Fellowship House. Dr. and Mrs. Scherzer planted some nice pansies in the early Spring as the cherry and dogwood trees were in bloom. Some donated American Holly trees were installed on the front hill with Dr. Scherzer’s guidance. We also put in two hollies in the back area where Dr. Scherzer is shown later in short-sleeve shirt as he put annuals in for the new season. I started the hollies from cuttings from a beautiful tree near my home.”

  • Dr. Scherzer planting flowers.
    Dr. Scherzer planting flowers at Lake Anne Fellowship House.


Exciting events and opportunities to bid farewell are planned for residents, their families and the greater Reston community, starting monthly in January and continuing through April when we will hold a special open house event for everyone. As the details for that event are finalized, information will be posted.

  • Senior citizens attend a program.
    Residents have the opportunity to hear about upcoming programs, events, and to voice any thoughts about the community at a monthly townhall meeting.