Donor Stories


With your gift Jong Sing can now stay in her apartment even though she can no longer do many things for herself. The housekeeping program allows her to pay a dollar for 2 hours of housekeeping a week which means her apartment stays clean, her clothes are washed and at least once a week she has contact with a staff member of Fellowship Square who can assess her needs. Without this program Jong Sing would need to look for alternative housing, few of which exist.


Gordon’s tooth starting aching in the night. By the morning his jaw was swollen and he was having difficulty swallowing. An emergency trip to the dentist became an emergency trip to the endodontist and the tooth being pulled. Even with doctors donating their time, lab and visit fees average $1,000 and that is just for one tooth. Gordon put the bill on a credit card knowing he would not be able to make the minimum payment. We were able to use donations like yours to help reduce Gordon’s bill. Now his smile is both pain and debt free. What a relief!


Billie shared with our social worker that one of the most frustrating things about being a low income senior is that many of the things she needs for survival are not covered by insurance. At 81 she faces paying for vitamins, syringes, Tylenol, Advil, cold medicine, podiatry care, dental care and glasses—none of which are covered. We use donor dollars to help pay for these necessary items. We often provide the resident with a gift card so he/she can purchase the items they need most, with dignity and independence.