Our Story

About Us

Out of an abiding sense of Christian mission, Fellowship Square Foundation devotes itself to providing housing and related services to low and very low income persons through ownership and/or management of housing communities. Since its beginning in 1960, the Fellowship Square founders wanted to be more than just a landlord providing shelter and collecting rent. They quickly saw that housing alone was not enough. They saw a need for a caring staff, a comfortable, secure living environment worthy of being called home, and special services such as beauty salons, libraries, social halls, recreational facilities, and places for religious expression. They saw a host of things as essential for enabling residents to enjoy meaningful lifestyles.

So today, Fellowship Square is concerned with more than providing shelter and collecting rent. It is interested in the whole person— the physical, social, mental, and spiritual welfare of its residents. We seek to offer supportive living environments that enhance the personal freedom, independence, self-confidence, and well-being of residents.

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Who We Serve

The residents at the Foundation’s Fellowship Houses come from next door and around the world. They have labored in occupations with little or no retirement benefits. Their work activities have ranged the gamut of teacher and beautician to unskilled laborer and farmer. Some were homeless, others are refugees from forced labor camps. All have limited means. Without the Fellowship Houses, many would live in third-world conditions. But there’s more to the Foundation’s residents than being economically challenged. Most Fellowship House residents are active, independent and passionately engaged in life.

Although some residents are area natives, most relocated to be near family members hailing from portions of the East Coast and states east of The Mississippi River. Like most of us, our residents share some very basic human concerns. They want the safety and security of living in a safe haven like our Fellowship Houses. They are interested in good nutrition, socialization, and mental stimulation. They maintain their spiritual lives and seek other means of self-expression. They also count good medical care as a priority. On average, most of our residents stay at our Fellowship Houses 5-15 year.